Izmanto iespēju gūt izglītību Starptautisko Mediju inovāciju vadības jomā, studējot vismaz četrās pasaules valstīs


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Iespēja iegūt mākslas izglītību Starptautisko Mediju inovāciju vadības jomā. Starptautiskā Mediju inovāciju vadība (IMIM) ir pēcdiploma nepilna laika divu gadu programma speciālistiem, kuri jau darbojas mediju nozarē. Apmācības norisināsies vismaz četrās dažādās pasaules valstīs. IMIM apmācības sāksies 2. oktobrī, tāpēc nenokavē pieteikšanos līdz 30. aprīlim.

The next group of IMIM’s students will start their studies on October 2nd, 2013. Application forms as well as applications for scholarships are available for download here.

The City of Vienna funds grants for highly qualified graduate applicants from Central Eastern Europe, covering up to 75 per cent of the tuition fee.

For IMIM’s first cycle in 2011, the selection of the successful applicants was performed by the scholarships’ founders, Berlin University for Professional Studies and IMIM’s Board and Program Director. Applications that state that the participant will be co-financed by her/his employer were particularly welcome. One of IMIM’s main targets is to achieve maximum institutional impact.

The City of Vienna funded grants for highly qualified graduate applicants from Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and Austria. Furthermore, the publishing house “Wiener Zeitung” supports applicants out of creative industries with its funding of international scholarships. Applications from Northern Africa were particularly welcome.

These grants cover up to 75 per cent of the tuition fee (total amount of € 20,000/year, including all business partners’ benefits and for students all learning materials, individual language training, lodging and travel costs within the countries in which the compulsory attendance modules take place (students and/or their employers shall carry all international fares to/from the venues of the modules, as well as their living expenses).

Integrated business partners benefit from various immediate advantages of the program (e.g. bringing projects and case-studies into the curriculum), whereas tuition fees for individuals with excellent professional qualities but without integration in any company from the TIME-industry (telecommunication, IT/Internet, Media, Entertainment) or its innovation projects appear to be high. Thus, for these applicants chances to receive scholarships look better (although that does not exclude their employers from getting involved).