Apmācības: Jauni, ambiciozi žurnālisti aicināti pieņemt izaicinājumu aizsāvēt cilvēktiesības


Jaunie žurnālisti līdz 25 aprīlim aicināti pieteikties apmācībām par cilvēktiesībām, kas norisināsies laikā no 16. - 22. maijam Lietuvā. Dalībnieki no Latvijas kopā ar citiem jaunajiem žurnālistiem no Itālijas, Spānijas, Beļģijas, Lietuvas un Bulgārijas kvalificētu ekspertu vadībā, pateicoties efektīvām apmācību metodēm, iegūsi  žurnālista ikdienas darbā noderīgas iemaņas un zināšanas, kas palīdzēs efektīvi aizstāvēt sabiedrības sociāli ievainojamo grupu intereses. 

Treniņa ietvaros dalībnieki tiksi iesaistīti reālā žurnālistiskā pētījumā, kas tiks veikts profesionālu Eiropas līmeņa pētniecisko žurnālistu un izvēlētās tēmas eksperta vadībā. Galu galā pētījuma rezultāti tiks izplatīti gan Latvijas medijos, gan speciāli projektam  „Address of human rights – Journalism“  izveidotā platformā, kas sasniegs auditoriju Eiropas līmenī.

Pietieikties aicināti motivēti, 18. -29. gadus veci jaunieši, kas labi pārvalda angļu valodu. Pieteikšanās termiņš - 25. aprīlis, aizpildot oneline pieteikuma anketuhttp://zurnalistui.lt/en/registracija/ 

Young ambitious journalists are invited to take the challenge of defending human rights

Your work can be ethical and popular. If you believe that journalism is the cure for racism, xenophobia and incitement of hatred, take part in a training programme for young journalists in Lithuania, as part of an international project „Address of Human Rights – Journalism“. The application deadline is 25th of April, 2013.

Well established human rights and journalism experts will join you and your colleagues from five different European Union countries in a search of an effective means of tackling hate speech. The unique blend of teaching methods, experience of training experts and your devotion will enable you to successfully apply the newly acquired knowledge and insights gained in training to your day-to-day work practices when fighting for the rights of socially vulnerable groups.

Most importantly, the training itself is just a great start! You will be involved in real journalistic investigations that will be published in your native and English languages on the digital platform designed for the „Address of human rights – Journalism“ project as well as shared with various media organizations across Europe. During the investigation process you will work in collaboration with well-known journalists and your chosen topic's experts from at least seven European Union countries.

If you are 19-29 years old journalism student or employed as a journalist and:

•You want to learn and understand more;
•You are not scared of massive workloads - journalistic investigations;
•You are a great team-player, genuinely respectful to other people's views, opinions and preferences;
•You want to learn from the best;
•You can easily communicate and express yourself in English.

The training course of „Address of human rights – Journalism“ will take place in Lithuania on the following dates: 16 - 22 May 2013.

About the programme:

The aim of this training programme is to enable young journalists, as the ones who will shape the public opinion in the nearest future, to recognize hate provocation and stereotypes, and to learn how to adequately react to them: neutralize, strengthen the mutual understanding and raise awareness of racism and xenophobia. The training programme is based on methodology that allows clear identification of the barriers, encourages to work on the essential skills and transfer the knowledge into action.

The project will enjoy contributions from the internal and external experts in the field of Human Rights, Journalism and Research Centres. Our expertise in journalism education indicates that the legal base is detached from the journalistic practices, which are in need of urgent help with adapting the legal knowledge. Therefore, there will be simulation exercises on the issues of ethnical minorities and migrants.

There will be a journalistic campaign launched straight after the training programme, so you will be able to implement the skills and knowledge acquired through training into a real investigation. You will receive all the support from the organizers and training experts, including the highly experienced team of journalism specialists from the Baltic Investigative Journalism Centre and Re: Baltica (a non-profit organization that produces investigative journalism in the public interest). Your work will be published on international web-based platform for journalists, topic experts and socially vulnerable groups.


National Institute for Social Integration creates and applies social innovations that support integration of people from various socially vulnerable groups within the diverse society. The Institute has been hosting the Young journalists development programme since 2009. The organization brings together experts from Journalism, Human Rights and numerous other fields to work on mutual projects. The investigations carried out by young journalists are published widely across different media channels in Europe. You can review programme portfolio here: http://zurnalistui.lt/en.

•Arci Catania.
•TDM International.
•International Initiatives for Cooperation.
•Foundation Centre for Economic Development.
•International Development Alliance (IDA).
Technical info:
Name: Young journalist training programme
Dates: 16 - 22 May 2013 (arrival on 16th of May, departure on 22nd of May)
Place: Lithuania
Number of Participants: Maximum 30
Costs: Depends on each participating country.
Participants will be selected on 25th of April, 2013.
If you have any questions or queries at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with project coordinators in your country: