Iespēja iegūt maģistra grādu mediju inovācijās Vīnē un saņemt stipendiju


Līdz 30. aprīlim iespēja pieteikties nepilna laika maģistratūras studijām programmā "International Media Innovation Management", kas sākas 2. oktobrī, Vīnē. Tā ir nepilna laika studiju programma strādājošiem žurnālistiem. Studentiem no centrālās un austrumeiropas pieejamas Vīnes pilsētas stipendijas apmērā līdz 75%.

Second Cycle of Executive Master’s Program “International Media Innovation Management“

On October 2nd, 2013, for the second time the Berlin University for Professional Studies and fjum_forum for journalism and media Vienna start their program designed to assist media businesses in shaping the future of their industry. Supported by the City of Vienna, the part-time, hands-on course is open to 20 high-potentials from Europe’s media, IT and entertainment industries. It takes them to seminars in Austria, Germany, Spain and the United States. Scholarships covering up to 75 per cent of the tuition fee are available for applicants originating from Central Eastern Europe. Applicants are invited to send in their applications by April 30th, 2013. Please request your application forms here:

Media businesses in Europe are under threat. The fnancial crisis forces them to work more and more efficiently. Digitalisation impacts work flows and business models that have worked thus far. Social media influences journalism – and opens up new marketing opportunities. Consumers’ and citizens’ mobility changes their media usage. Many traditional media organisations cannot keep abreast with the constantly changing environment. The Executive Master’s program of International Media Innovation Management IMIM helps them keep up with the developments and even outpace them. Up to 20 young high-potentials from the European media and creative industries – with different positions in their respective value chains: development, financing, content, production, distribution,regulation/legislation – pool their forces together into a media innovation think tank. With lecturers from all over the world and seminars in Austria, Germany, Spain, the US and online, they work together in an international network. The students get individual language training and deal with real-life situations submitted by participating enterprises. Thus, companies participating in the program have a say in the structuring of the syllabus. “The students’ collaboration with academics, management trainers, journalists and business managers is crucial to the program’s sustainable success”, says Program Director Andy Kaltenbrunner, “innovation is to be established as the main currency of exchange in an international team.”

For further information regarding application or grants please visit
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October 2, 2013, Vienna. Please submit your application by April 30, 2013. Projected time investment on the part of participants: IMIM is a post-graduate, part-time program for working professionals (duration: 2 years).

Following the concept of blended learning, it contains six one-week compulsory attendance modules in
Austria (Vienna), Germany (Berlin), Spain (Elche/Madrid) and in the US (St. Petersburg, Florida/New York City). Those modules are complemented by e-learning, language courses and real-life projects the students have to carry out within their companies. Language of instruction: English (further English training is part of the program; alternatively: Spanish, German)

Degree earned: Master of Arts (MA) in International Media Innovation Management

Fees: € 20.000/year all inclusive (hotels, consulting) in detail:

// for students: all textbooks and online materials, individual language training, lodging and travel costs within the countries in which the modules take place (Austria, Germany, Spain, US).

// for business partners: all business partners' benefts, e.g. suggestion of a real-life project (to be then implemented in their company) and sending a lecturer or executive to the program.