Sundance Institute filmu projektu konkurss


Dokumentālo filmu fonds Sundance Institute piedāvā finansiālu atbalstu filmu veidotājiem. Filmu projektu iesniegšanas termiņš 9. februāris.

Since its inception, the Fund has supported more than 500 films in 61 countries. The Fund reviews between 1,400 and 2,000 proposals annually, choosing 35-50 for support each year. In funding such work, the Documentary Fund encourages the diverse exchange of ideas that is crucial to fostering an open society, raising public consciousness about human rights abuses and restrictions of civil liberties, and fostering an ongoing dialogue about these and other pressing social issues.
Applications are accepted in two funding categories:
  1. Research/Development: provided to projects that are between development and pre-production.
  2. Production/Post production grants provide funds to filmmakers in various stages of the production and post production stages.


Filmmakers worldwide for projects that display:
  • Artful and innovative storytelling techniques
  • Global relevance
  • Contemporary human rights and pressing social justice issues
  • Potential for social engagement


Funding categories:
  1. Research/Development: up to $20,00.
  2. Production/Postproduction: provide funds to filmmakers in various stages of the production and post-production stages.


  • Prepare a written proposal that includes the following elements:
  • Project summary
  • Narrative synopsis
  • Distribution and marketing strategy
  • Comprehensive line item budget
  • Director’s prior work (1 paragraph)
  • Current rough cut or sample (1 paragraph)
  • Key creative personnel (1-2 paragraphs each)
  • Outreach and engagement
  • Interactive elements (if applicable)
  • Fund raising strategy
Your proposal should be in electronic format and ready to upload before you begin completing the online application. The upload is limited to .PDFs or Word-compatible documents.
All parts of your proposal, including budget, must be combined into one file. Only one file can be uploaded per application and its file size must be less than 3Mb. Attach a complete proposal. PDF and Word formats acceptable. Please name the file in the format: Project Name – DirectorLastName.doc
After reviewing the materials on the links below, you may contact with any outstanding questions.