Piedalies blogošanas konkursā un laimē ceļojumu uz Brazīliju


Apvienoto Nāciju Vides programma (UNEP) organizē blogošanas konkursu, kura uzvarētājam būs iespēja piedalīties Vides dienas pasākumā Brazīlijā un blogot par to. Konkursa beigu termiņš 12. februāris. 

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), in partnership with TreeHugger, is yet again sponsoring a free trip to Brazil for a winning blogger to write, blog and tweet about the World Environment Day.
Bloggers are invited to enter competition via online submissions of blog articles on the Green Economy. The top ten bloggers, selected by a UNEP-TreeHugger jury, will be invited to a second round of blogging – blogdown!
The winner of this online showdown (blogdown) will be determined by an online community via the World Environment Day website. Readers will ‘like’ any of the posts in order to win an extra vote for their favourite blogger.
The blogger who accumulates the most votes by the end of April 2012 wins the competition and will be invited to blog about World Environment Day in Brazil.


All bloggers that are writing about the Green Economy are invited to take part in the competition.


World Environment Day is on June 5th, 2012. The contest winner will be flown to Brazil for about three days, beginning June 3rd and ending June 6th 2012. Flights, accommodation, visa costs and travel within Brazil to WED events will be covered. Entrants will be expected to ensure they are able to travel to Brazil for the duration and cover any other costs (e.g. vaccinations).
Short-listed and winning posts will be published on TreeHugger and the World Environment Day websites.


  1. Write a compelling blog post about the Green Economy and how you/we are a part of it (for example in sustainable energy, green jobs, low carbon economies, green policies, green buildings, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, industries using efficient energy, sustainable tourism, sustainable transport, waste management, water and all other resource efficiency).
  2. Post a link to your story onto the UNEP Facebook fan page http://facebook.unep.org with this comment, “I just entered to win a trip to Brazil for UNEP’s World Environment Day 2012. Read my blog post and discover how the Green Economy includes you.”Alternatively, entries can be e-mailed to worldenvironmentday@unep.org.
  3. Entries must be received before 12 February 2012.
  4. To increase your chances of winning, post your story on Twitter with the hash tag#WED2012, and encourage friends to comment, ‘like’ the post on Facebook, and retweetyour post across Facebook and Twitter.
Submission Guidelines
  • Your post should be engaging, interesting, and passionate. Blogging is more personal than journalistic or academic writing. We are looking for individual perspectives and stories highlighting the competition theme, which is ‘Green Economy: Does it include you?
  • Clarity is essential. Make it short, snappy and concise. The post must be a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 600 words.
  • Be original! This should help your post stand out from the crowd, and should increase your chances of winning.
  • Read the World Environment Day website! This will give you detailed information on this year’s theme and events and activities taking place. You will also find links to other resources.
  • Support your post with links to other web pages that are contextual to your post, including a link to the World Environment Day website. Check other environmental blogs to see how they do it.
  • Ask your friends to comment on your post. We are looking to spread the word on World Environment Day. We will take this into account when judging, so the more comments, likes, and re-tweets your post has, the greater your chances of winning.
Before applying make sure to read the Terms and Conditions and the FAQ’s.
If you have any further questions regarding the competition please contact worldenvironmentday@unep.org.