Iespēja kļūt par ThinkYoung reportieri


ThinkYoung multimediju radošā darbnīca ThY/Lab aicina veidot dokumentālas īsfilmas par mākslu un kultūru, izglītību, Eiropas integrāciju, starptautiskajām attiecībām, uzņēmējdarbību, vidi, Eiropu un jauniešiem. Ideju pieteikšanas termiņš 7. marts.

ThY/Lab is the newborn creative team of ThinkYoung. We produce multimedia projects that make European affairs digestible for youngsters all over Europe. We give young filmmakers the possibility to be screened at the EU institutions and acquire professional media experience for their career.

Becoming a correspondent of ThY/Lab you will be aired on our website, those of our media partners, as well as being screened in our conferences and events, attended by European decision makers, think tanks and fellow young Europeans. Be part of a European network of young reporters and meet fellow film lovers from all over Europe!

Regular collaborators of ThY/Lab will get a recommendation letter from ThinkYoung, as well as a certificate for their contribution.

What: Video Documentary, 4-10 minutes in any language.

Topics: Tell us Stories - Culture and Arts, Education, European Integration, Foreign Relations, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Europe and Young People.

How to apply: Send your CV and your idea or video to .

Deadline: 7th of march

If you have further doubts, send an email to .