Iespēja iegūt 2500 USD projektam foto žurnālistikā un starptautisku publicitāti


Līdz 15. martam izsludināta pieteikšanās jauno foto žurnālistu balvai. Uzvarētājs iegūs 2500 USD savu turpmāko projektu īstenošanai, bet trīs finālisti iegūs iespēju iegūt publicitāti. Otrā un trešā vieta iegūs Džeimija Velforda (Jamie Wellford, Newsweek) recenziju, ko pievienot savam portfolio. Kandidātiem jāatbilst “foto žurnālista iesācēja” kritērijiem – (1) Žurnālista darbi vēl nav publiskoti un izstādīti; (2) darbi ir saistīti ar cilvēktiesību un taisnīguma problēmām; (3) darbi nesniedz konkrētas institūcijas reprezentāciju. Dalības maksa 10 USD.


PROOF knows that emerging photojournalists want to do meaningful projects related to human rights and social justice issues but oftentimes don’t have the funds or connections to do so. For this reason, they’re offering an award to help an emerging photojournalist jumpstart their project by providing funding and support from the media community.
For this award, PROOF have put together a panel of judges including: Leora Kahn, Executive Director of PROOF, Ed Kashi of VII, Amy Yenkin from the Open Society Foundations, and Ann Friedman, Executive Editor of GOOD.


The selected photojournalist will receive USD $2500 to put toward their project. The final three candidates will have their work showcased through GOOD. Second and third place finalists will also have the opportunity for a portfolio review with Jamie Wellford of Newsweek.

In addition to the financial award, the winner will also:
·         Have the opportunity to directly submit their work to Ed Kashi for review, guidance and feedback, for a period of six months
·         Have their work featured on PROOF’s website
·         Receive a portfolio and project consultation from Human Rights Watch, a New York based non-profit


This award is for emerging photojournalists. For the purposes of this call for entries, the term “emerging photojournalist” is to be defined as a photojournalist who has an accomplished body of photojournalistic work that:
1.      Has not yet been exhibited or published widely.
2.      Demonstrates a commitment to human rights and social justice issues.
3.      Does not have agency representation. There are no age or geographic restrictions.


Each application should include the following:
·         Statement of Purpose (maximum 500 words)
·         Project proposal and budget summary (maximum 500 words)
·         Portfolio of 10-12 photographs that demonstrate your commitment to human rights and social justice issues
·         Resume or CV
·         Application fee of USD $10.00 made payable to PROOF: Media for Social Justice

Application deadline is March 15th, 2012. 5pm EST

Complete details regarding submission specifications are available on the official webpage.

Contact in case of any technical difficulties during the application process. Note: Applications submitted via email will not be considered for the award.