"Identify your identity" - īsfilmu konkurss par Eiropas identitāti


Iespēja piedalīties īsfilmu konkursā par Eiropas identitāti un laimēt 200 eiro. Filmu iesniegšanas termiņš 13. februāris.

For most of the countries in the EU and the ones that plan to be one day, the realities of a changing identity become reason for debate in many countries and one of the biggest fears in people’s minds. Does accepting a European identity and the values associated with it mean losing a part of one’s individual, local or national identity? Does Europeanization and overall globalization affect our identity in any way? Is individuality possible for the young people of South East Europe, and are they capable of resisting imposed identities? What are the positive aspects of a dynamic identity?
It’s not expected of you to be the next Spielbergs. Usage of any type of camera, even a mobile phone camera, or other basic tools to create a video that would capture your idea of what identity means is possible. Of course, if you are very advanced in this area and wish to create more professional videos, you may do so as well. The point is to express a convincing message able to depict the complexities of identity, through your own creative mind’s eye.


The contest is open to all interested.
Details concerning applicant criteria:
  • You can tape any kind of video that you want, it’s up to you… just keep it short and sweet, to-the-point. This call is open to young people under 35 interested in creating short films.
  • Keep it no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Videos should be silent, in English, or with English subtitles because of the international character of the Project.


The author of the best video will be awarded with 200 euros.


Upload your short video on RapidShare or similar web site, and send the link, together with your personal data and short discription of the video on identifyyouridentity@gmail.com
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 13, 2012
The best videos will be presented during a public event, regarding Identity/European Identity, in Skopje, Macedonia, on 13th March 2012.
For any additional questions, contact identifyyouridentity@gmail.com