Eiropas e-prasmju nedēļas radošais mediju konkurss studentiem par tēmu "Kā atrast darbu līdz 4. martam?"


Komunikācijas zinātnes studenti un absolventi aicināti radoši izpausties par tēmu "Kā atrast darbu līdz 4. martam?" Konkursa darbi var tikt veidoti izmantojot jauno (mobilo telefonu, planšetdatoru u.c.), sociālo (Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube u.c.) un tradicionālo mediju iespējas. Darbu iesniegšanas termiņš 4. marts.

Communications, journalism and audio visual students or recent graduates from universities across the EU are invited to participate in this great project. Project Passion is a potentially career launching initiative designed to inspire young people to create exciting communications on a theme that is top of mind amongst all young graduates in Europe – how to win a job by March 4th, 2012.

All entries must be in one of the following three categories to qualify. Content must to be creative, demonstrate innovative use of the medium, be quirky, be humorous and or be a mash up. You are free to use any medium to create your entry: mobile devices, tablets, illustration, digital design, written content, and or social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Blogs, YouTube etc). To be eligible you must fill in the competition form on the official website.

e-Skills and me
e-Skills: jobs of the future
creative e-Skills

Deadline for entries 4 March 2012 - midnight.

For more information, please visit http://digitaleurope.org/ESkillsWeek2012.aspx