Iespēja iesniegt darbus Zagrebas animācijas filmu festivālā


Animacijas filmu veidotaji aicinati iesniegt filmas Animafest Zagreb Pasaules animacijas isfilmu festivala, kas notiks no nakama gada 29. maija lidz 3.junijam. Darbu iesniegsanas termins 1. feburaris.

The 22nd World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb is an international competition festival for short animated films that will be held in Zagreb from 29 May – 3 June 2012.
Animated shorts completed in 2010 or later with max running time of 30 minutes are eligible to apply for the following competition categories:
  • Grand Competition
  • Student Competition
  • Films for Children Competition 
  • Commissioned Films Competition


The contest is open to all interested filmmakers whose animated shorts fulfill the following requirements:
  • Over 50% of the production must consist of animated sequences.
  • Films completed after: January 1, 2010 and never previously entered at Animafest
  • Max running time: 30 minutes
  • Country of production: All countries
  • Preview format: DVD
  • Festival screening format: 35 mm, 16 mm, Digital Betacam PAL, Betacam SP PAL, HDCAM (PAL ONLY!)


Grand Competition
  • Grand Prize (best short film of the festival) – festival statue and cash award of 2.500 €
  • Golden Zagreb Prize (encouragement of creativity and innovative artistic achievement) – festival statue and a cash award of 2.000 €
  • “Zlatko Grgić” Prize (best first production apart from educational institutions) – festival statue and cash award of 1.500 €
Student Film Competition
  • “Dušan Vukotić” Prize (best student film) – a Dušan Vukotić medal and a cash award of 1.000 €
Films for Children Competition
  • Best film for children (festival statue)
The Festival may permit other Croatian or international organizations or institutions to present their own awards. Should they wish to do so, they must supply the Festival Organizers with their own award regulations, prior to the Festival opening.
Audience award will be voted upon in the Grand and Student Competition.


There is no entry fee required. Online entry forms are available here. One entry form is required for each work submitted. Submission deadline is 1 February 2012.
Films submitted for selection must be presented on DVD and must reach Animafest office by 5 February 2012.
The films may be entered for the following competition categories:
  • Grand Competition
  • Student Competition
  • Films for Children Competition
  • Commissioned Films (Educational, Commercials, Music Video)
NOTE: Films suitable for children that are submitted for Grand or Student Competition category can also be submitted for Films for Children Competition category.
After filling in and submitting the entry form online, it is necessary to send its printed and signed version together with the preview DVD of the film and with other required materials on a CD or DVD to Animafest office. Unsigned entry forms will not be accepted. Documents to be enclosed on a CD or DVD and sent together with the preview DVD of the film are:
  1. Directors’ biography, filmography and list of awards
  2. Director’s photograph
  3. 4 film stills (300dpi)
  4. Dialogue list in English
  5. Synopsis for the official festival catalogue
  6. Press kit (optional)
Films submitted for selection must be sent to the following address:
ANIMAFEST ZAGREB – World Festival of Animated Film
Ltd Nova Ves 18/3
10 000 Zagreb CROATIA
NOTE: Please mention no commercial value, for cultural purposes only.
Films with dialogues or narration other than English must have English subtitles. The submitted works must be in the final edited version. Works in progress will not be considered. Preview DVDs will not be returned, but will be included in Animafest library. Festival keeps the right to use the films and consult them at leisure, for strictly non-commercial, educational purposes.
For more information on the competition and submission procedures please read festival regulations.
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