Kļūsti par EMAJ Magazine reportieri un iegūsti žurnālistikas pieredzi angļu valodā!

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EMAJ Magazine ir starptautiska platforma, kas vieno Eiropas un Tuvo Austrumu jaunos žurnālistus. Ja tevi interesē iespējamie Eiropas un arābu pasaules saskarsmes punkti, problēmas un viedokļu daudzveidība, pievienojies EMAJ komandai!

Why would you want to join EMAJ Magazine? Because we have a heart full of passion and a head full of ideas! If you are a young journalist interested in making an international career, EMAJ Magazine is the right place to start from!
From the beginning of 2010, EMAJ Magazine has brought you stories from the Middle East, North Africa and the EU under the slogan “Report news not prejudice”. We have been providing an objective viewpoint from the Mediterranean through an international platform that reaches a varied audience in English.
We focus on issues related to the European Union, Middle East and North Africa with a special regard to the relationship between the regions as well as human rights, intercultural dialogue and immigration. Together, but with different points of view, we have reported on the ship to Gaza, tackled the burqa ban in Europe, investigated the aftershock of theWikileaks revelations in our respective countries, covered the different aspects of Ramadan in the EU, MENA and beyond and are currently closely following the revolutions in the Arab world.
EMAJ is produced by a network of around 40 young journalists from the EU and MENA. We want to grow and extend our networks across the three regions. If you are a young journalist, leader or opinion maker from our regions, join us. Drop us an mail at emajmagazine@gmail.com !
We may not offer you payment in the beginning but we hope one day soon we can grow and pay all our staff writers, freelancers and also proofreaders. We aspire to publish in several languages. Our hopes will come true through your contributions.
But we offer high visibility and we will best serve your aims and ambitions. You can take advantage of amazing networks through EMAJ which can give you a boost in your future journalistic endeavours.
Whilst pursuing our dreams, we promise you the EMAJ Magic, which differs for each and every one of you whether you are a student, fresh graduate or a professional journalist. You should be ready to join EMAJ team in our various sections: news, features, opinion and multimedia.

Internships For Starters:

EMAJ team expects you to contribute at least 9 pieces for a 3-month period, that is 3 pieces per month.
  • When your internship ends, you can count on EMAJ for support and recommendation when applying for jobs, scholarships or events for another 3 months.
  • We also give you EMAJ special certificates.
  • The most committed and involved from the previous internship network will be selected to continue with EMAJ team amongst whom you will have the opportunity to get more involved with EMAJ Organization and represent it in international platforms such as worldwide conferences and other international events. Opportunities never end! You can be part of exciting journalism projects!
The best opportunity is the great networks you can make through EMAJ around the Mediterranean and beyond!
Join the EMAJ Magic and help spread it!