Iespēja piedalīties digitālo mediju konkursā "Motivating behaviour change"


"Motivating behavior change around any health topic" - tā konkursa tēma par kuru digitālo mediju fani aicināti veidot video, audio vai spēles līdz 30. septembrim. Konkurss tiek rīkots"Entertainment Education" konferences ietvaros, kas notiks Ņūdeli (New Delhi) Indijā no 17. novembra līdz 20. novembrim.

Submission Guidelines

1. Eligibility
Entry is open to any individual, group, or company (profit or non-profit) in any country, except for staff of the EE5 Conference.
The submission needs to have been produced after January 1, 2000. The copyright should be with the individual or group that submits the product.  There should be no other claims of ownership or authorship on the product.
2. Formats accepted
Submissions may be made in any of the following digital media:
  • Audio (radio, recorded voice, music)
  • Video
  • Digital games
  • Other audio/visual (slide presentations, etc.)
Formats supported:
Windows Media Video (.AVI), .3GP (mobile phones), .WMV (windows), .MOV (mac), .MP4 (iPod/PSP), .MPEG, .FLV (Adobe Flash), .MKV (h.264)
3. Length of submission
Maximum length of any submission in any medium is Three (3) minutes.
4. Deadline for submission
Midnight, September 30, 2011.
5. Judging and Awards
There will be two forms of judging for all submissions:
  • Peer review of top ten finalists by the public at large, through voting on Facebook. The top ten submissions will be publicly available on the official EE5 Facebook Page from October 15, 2011.
  • A panel of judges selected by the organizers of the EE5 conference.  These judges will review and rate all submissions. Celebrity judges involved in the field of EE will also select the winners.

Awards will be given as follows:

  • Judge’s awards:  There will be five (5) winners selected by the panel of judges.  All media will be judged and selected for these awards.
  • Under 25 award: Judges will award one (1) special award to an entry submitted by someone under 25 years old.
  • People’s Picks:  Five (5) winners will be selected by simple vote tally of public votes submitted to the EE5 digital contest committee through EE5 Facebook page.
  • Honorable mentions:There will be five (5) honorable mentions.

Submission Process:

  • Upload your digital media file onto YouTube:
  • Send an email to with “EE5 digital media contest entry” in the subject line.

Each EE5 digital medial contest email entry must include:

  • The YouTube link to your video
  • An introductory paragraph explaining the behavior the submission is attempting to change (50 word limit).
  • Primary person responsible for the submission and contact information (including age, sex, and country).
  • The client (if any) for whom the entry was created
  • Source of funding for the production
  • The project or campaign of which it was/is part (if applicable)

Other Information and Important Dates:

All media files should be uploaded and official email entries submitted by September30, 2011.
October 15, 2011
Public voting begins
October 31, 2011
Public online voting ends
Judges' final selections complete
November 17, 2011
EE5 digital media contest winners will be announced pending verification of eligibility and submission by the filmmakers of all necessary legal clearances and actor releases
By participating in this contest, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of the judges appointed by the 5th International Entertainment Education Conference. Decisions of the judges are final and binding.
  • Incomplete entries or entries longer than 3 minutes will be ineligible for judging.
  • EE5 staff will not acknowledge receipt of entries.
  • EE5 and the Center for Communication Programs reserve the right to verify the eligibility of the winning entries.
  • All entries become the property of the 5th International Entertainment Education Conference.
  • This Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.
  • EE5 and the Center for Communications Programs reserve the right to change these contest rules and/or contest dates at any time without additional notice.
Limitations of Liability: By entering this Contest, entrant holds harmless all released parties, and Contest sponsors (EE5 and the Center for Communication Programs) from any liability whatsoever for any claims, costs, injuries, losses, liability, actions, or damages of any kind or in connection with: (1) entering the Contest or (2) anything related to the Contest. Costs related to the making of the videos and/ or entering them in this contest will be borne fully by the contestant/s.
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