Iespēja piedalīties mediju vasaras skolā Ukrainā 'Conscious Media and the Healing of Historical Memory of Kholodnyj Yar'


Līdz 10. augustam žurnālistikas studentiem un jaunajiem žurnālistiem ir iespēja pieteikties mediju vasaras skolai Ukrainā, (Holodnij Jar/Холодний Яр, Čerkasu rajons/Черкаська область), kas norisināsies no 15. augusta līdz 20. augustam. Tās mērķis ir piešķirt vērtību vēstures atmiņai, lauku attīstībai kā arī aktualizēt lokālu problēmu reprezentāciju starptautiski. Dalība vasaras skolā ir bezmaksas, tās darba valoda ir angļu.

Papildus info angliski:

The aim of the School: To combine the efforts of conscious international and local media, environmentalists, local community, educational stuff, students, NGO representatives and local authorities to heal the historic past, to uncover the diversity of Kholodnyj Yar in the media landscape, to support the generationssuccession taking into consideration polyphony of visions, possible solutions on the basis of universal spiritual values.

National Ecological Center of Ukraine (NECU)
and international team of ECCM (Earth Citizens for Conscious Media):
Magda Fashi (Belgium);
João Barreto (Brazil);
Shraddha Tiwari (India);
Antonio Lopez (Italy, USA);
Andrii & Daryna Miroshnychenko (Ukraine).

Partner organizations:
Resource Center “Association of Independent Non-government Organizations” (Cherkasy), National Historical Park “Chygyryn”, internet magazine “Mediacritics”, magazine “Telecritics”, newspaper “Day”, NGO “New Citizen”, internet radio “Molode Radio”, Magda Fahsi Consulting.

International Summer School “Conscious Media and Healing of Historical Memory of Kholodnyj Yar (Cold Ravine)”
Where? In Kholodnyj Yar, Chyhyryn district, Cherkasy region, Ukraine.
When? 15-20 of August 2011.

Who can take part in?
  • people with bachelor degree or master students of journalism, history, politics, cultural and environmental studies faculties;
  • PhD students and candidates;
  • NGO activists;
  • young journalists.

What can you learn?
  • to analyze complex problems;
  • to synthesize separated events;
  • to see processes, not events;
  • to think in a system way;
  • to understand basic cultural, historical, environmental, social processes through the lines of one territory;
  • to explain complicated things in a plain language;
  • combine different forms of media to solve particular problem;
  • to use values as a basis of practical activities;
  • to cooperate effectively with the representatives of media, NGOs, experts;
  • to establish multicultural communications;
  • how to be a conscious journalist.

The educational process will consist of:
  • creation of media products and their publishing/posting in the printed media, television, radio and on Internet;
  • work in the mini-groups in the following kinds of media: printed press; Internet; TV; radio; photojournalism; social video;
  • world-view lectures made by professionals from the following fields: media-philosophy, system thinking, historical and cultural analysis, environment protection, psychology and social-economical sciences;
  • practical studies in different parts of Kholodnyj Yar;
  • interviewing experts, authorities, NGOs and local population;
  • simulation educational games;
  • master-classes in the creation of:
  • image of the territory;
  • image of contemporary conscious journalist;
  • art-media happenings;

Because tutors and students will represent different cultures the working language will be English.

Transfer from Kyiv (on 14th of August) to Kholodnyj Yar and back, accommodation costs and meals are provided by the organizers of the School.

How to apply?

Pleasesend your applications (ask for the application form writing an email on  )

together with required documents (CV, motivational letter) to the same email address with subject “Аpplication form”. Deadline for international and Ukrainian students is the 10th of August.