Iespēja piedalīties lielākajā kolektīvajā fotoizstādē Romā


Fotogrāfiem un foto interesentiem ir iespēja piedalīties lielākajā ikgadējā kolektīvajā fotoizstātē Romā, kuras tēma "Motherland" raksturo fotogrāfijas īpašo attiecību ar zemi, kā arī nebeidzamos fotogrāfa vietas piederības meklējumus. Dalība tajā ir bezmaksas un organizatoru mēŗkis ir izstādīt 1000 fotogrāfijas. Fotogrāfijas pa epastu jānosūta līdz 11. septembrim.

Papildus info:

Third edition for Fotox1000, the biggest collective photo exhibition of Rome, featured for two years in FotoGrafia, the International Festival of Photography of Rome, thanks to its new and fresh way to participate and to meet people through photography. In two year hundreds of photographers from all the world, both professional and amateur, got engaged with the topic of the exhibition, the same one of the festival, with more than 40 nations participating, in a mix of different visions with a common soul. This year too Fotox1000 is featured in the Festival and gets its topic, 'Motherland', calling all photo lovers to participate sending pictures or proposing projects concerning this subject.

How to participate

The participation to the exhibition is totally free. In order to participate you have to send not later then Sunday 11 September 2011 via e-mail to up to 10 pictures with these characteristics:

Format: jpg
File Title: (sample:
Dimensions: proportions: 10x15 cm; resolution: 150 dpi; pixel: at least 1000 pixel on the shorter side of the picture; weight: not more then 5 megabyte. Note: The photo can be oriented either vertically or horizontally (but even diagonally if preferred).

Along with the photos you should send a file (doc or pdf) with a brief explanation of the shots and an indication of the number of photos sent and their titles and your contact information (name, surname, country, e-mail address, telephone number).

Between all the arrived photos the 1000 that will be in the exhibition will be chosen based on the originality, the relation with the theme and the quality. All the pictures will be print in 10x15 cm format and they will be used only for the exhibition or for its promotion and not for commercial use, all the rights stays to the authors.

Special section: The Three of the Worlds project

This year a special section of the exhibition will be dedicated to the ‘Three of the Worlds project’, the first collective photography organized by the curator Francesco Amorosino. Every participant to the exhibition is invited to send some pictures that will compose the big collage representing the Three of the Worlds. To be part of the project you should send: 
one or more pictures of the ground
one or more pictures of roots
one or more pictures of three cortex
one or more pictures of branches
one or more pictures of leaves
one or more pictures of flowers
one or more pictures of the sky (with or without clouds)

Together with the pictures you should say, if possible, where they were taken. All the pictures together will create the big three that represents the union of the nature of our planet. You can send these pictures more the 10 of the main section of the exhibition, or you can send only these ones. If you want you can send pictures of just some of the categories (only ground, cortex and sky, for example).

The topic: Motherland

The theme of the exhibition aims to tackle the unique relationship established between photography and the land, in the deepest and most intimate sense of the word, based on a genuine analysis of the close relationship between the photographers and their belonging to a place, and in many cases their actual identification. It is the result of an increasingly pressing need to seek one’s “motherland”: everyone responds in their own way, examining lands that belong to them, whether they are old or new, large or small, real or virtual, with a completely personal documentation, which is the fruit of their life and the need to return or move away. Motherland is a theme that is investigated and propagated by photography, and today we seek it in relation to the creation of constantly new identities in a world that has been completely explored and technologized, but in which the need to investigate new “lands” and to seek one’s own, is a prominent recurrent theme.

The exhibition

The exhibition will open on September 23, 2011, and it will be hosted for three weeks during the period of the festival FotoGrafia in 42mm, a dynamic 120 square metres space dedicated to photography with pose room, courses room and exhibition halls managed by a group of competent and enthusiastic photographers. Later on the exhibition will be hosted in other locations, both in Italy and abroad. Who would like to host it or a part of it can send an e-mail to for the details.

The first edition of the exhibition was hosted in 2009 by Sala 1 gallery in Rome with the participation of more than 400 photographers, without any selections of the pictures, thanks to an open theme such ‘The declinations of Joy’. The second edition, hosted by Rising Love Club and the 79rs Music Club in 2010, had as topic ‘Futurspectives. Can photography predict the future? Is there a future for photography?’, a more complex subject that brought to a more strict selection and to a high quality participation, with more than 125 artists participating, including some of the most talented photographers of the world. Both the exhibitions were appreciated by the public and by the critics and they created a virtuous circuit of photo lovers that have got in contact and are collaborating on other projects.